Full Body Massage Chair: The Best Thing After a Long Day

if you are looking for a full body massage chair, these chairs are perfect!

There are few things better than to get a nice, relaxing massage after a long day. A good massage can melt the stresses on your body away and make you feel fresh and revitalized. However, you may not always be able to get to a spa after work, or the thought of making an extra trip to a massage location may sound overwhelming when all you want to do is go home and relax. This is where a full body massage chair comes in to place. All of the features that come with these types of chairs give you the ability to start and end every day feeling good. But choosing to make the commitment to purchasing a chair may raise some questions, after all you want to make sure your investment is worthwhile. So let’s examine some general information regarding these chairs that will help you to make an informed decision when you are ready to get one for yourself.

Who should consider a full body massage chair?

Anyone. Yes, basically anyone and everyone can enjoy the benefits that these chairs have to offer. However, there are certain groups of people that will especially appreciate the capabilities of these machines. Perhaps you are an athlete that would like to relax your sore muscles. Maybe you work in a high intensity environment and you want to help alleviate some of that stress. You could be dealing with health issues such as back pain or poor circulation. Whatever your situation is, the important thing is to know your expectations and needs when looking for a new fully body massage chair. With all of the options that these modern chairs have, it is important to know ahead of time what you actually need and want out of your chair before making your purchase. Depending on the level of technology built into the seat you are looking at, it will likely have a direct effect on the price.

Speaking of price …..

What’s The Price of a Massage Chair?

As mentioned, it depends on what you want out of it. The amount of features and type of material make for a wide variation in pricing. The range can be from a couple hundred dollars for some of the most basic options to over $8,000 for some of the high end models.

What are some of the features available?

Now we get into the really interesting part. At this point we will examine some of the options that are available on different chair models. Most basic models will come with a simple vibration system or may include some roller settings. But as soon as you begin to look into the mid to high range models, the options begin to increase dramatically.

Speed & Intensity

These are mostly self explanatory but in essence these options will allow you to adjust how fast you want the roller bars (or other settings) to move across your body. Then the intensity will determine how much pressure is used. So whether you are looking for a gentle caressing or you prefer a deep muscle massage, these chairs will have an option for you. Many times they will have 3-8 programmable settings so you can always find what works for you.


This technique is used in a lot of the simpler chairs. It feels nice but it is a basic function. It shakes certain parts of the chair to provide a relaxing feel.


These are used in chairs to try and help imitate human motion. In simple chairs it may just be an up and down motion but more sophisticated machines will also be able to move side to side and even in circular motion.

Air bags

Yes, airbags. These will be found in some of the more technically advanced chairs. Some chairs may just have a few while others can have over a hundred. The main thought behind their use is to better mimic human techniques and feel. The airbags apply pressure to the desired area with often a more balanced feel. The airbags can get closer to surrounding a particular body part which can help to improve blood circulation and a comfy feeling.


Some chairs offer a heating feature. This both enhances the massage experience and improves relaxation.

Other settings will actually refer to a style of massage. These can include the following:


This typically refers to the chair’s ability to use its rollers to move up and down the spine. The benefits include reducing pressure on the back’s disks which will help you feel better and even assist in improving posture.


This technique involves having the rollers move around in a circular motion. They will also focus on pressure points in your body which will help to improve your body’s circulation.


This particular technique causes the rollers to push in and out with very quick and rapid movements. The idea of this is to simulate, as some put it, a “karate chop” motion. This has great benefit in reducing or relieving muscle tension and stiffness.


This is referring to a Japanese technique that focuses on stimulating acupuncture related points in the body to relive muscle tension. This would be classified as a deep tissue massage.


The Swedish style mainly involves being focused on muscle relaxation and blood stimulation. The massage chair accomplishes this by mimicking a person’s palms using long relaxing strokes across your body.

Zero Gravity

This refers to a position that the chair is able to put you in. Basically it places you in the ultimate comfort since the pressure from gravity is taken off of your back and makes for a more enjoyable and relaxing massage position.

Bonus features

You will find some chairs offer a few extra fun and innovative features to enjoy your time while sitting in the chair. Some of these include doing a pre-massage body scan to ensure the chair gets every contour needed. Some chairs come with Bluetooth technology and even include the ability to sync to your favorite song and give you a massage based on the beat of the music.

All in all there are many options available for you to make sure you are getting the exact chair you need and want. Just be sure to know your needs, know your budget, and do your research. If you put forth the effort into getting the full body message chair that will work best for you specifically, then you will be rewarded with unparalleled relaxation and be able to enjoy it from the comfort of your own home.