Zero Gravity Massage Chair: As Good As They Claim?

Looking for a unique massage experience? The zero gravity massage chair is perfect for you!

Life is a very fast paced and hurried adventure for most individuals, and finding time to relax or unwind after a strenuous day can be a task that is hard to achieve. Many people turn to massage as a way to soothe their aching muscles and calm their racing minds. Oftentimes, the cost and inconvenience of booking a massage through a licensed and trained masseuse serves as a major turn off for so many people who would greatly benefit from a regular massage!

The invention of the massage chair and the way it is has become more accessible to people from all different financial situations has helped so many people be able ream the benefits from the routine of having regular massage sessions. Most massage chairs come equipped with numerous different styles of massages and sequences that are pre programmed. One of the latest and greatest trends in the massage chair world is the addition of the zero gravity massage chair.

What is a zero gravity massage chair?

The zero gravity technology was initially developed by NASA as a way to help relieve the tremendous amount of pressure that is exerted upon the back of astronauts when they lift off toward space. Massage chair manufactures soon started replicating this same technology in their chairs because of all the potential benefits the zero gravity technology could hold for people when combined with a massage chair.

Don’t get carried away thinking that this type of massage chair can actually enable a user to defy gravity. It actually reclines an individual so that their weight is distributed evenly along all of their pressure points. This reclining position can give you the sensation of being weightless or defying gravity. The zero gravity chair experience is one of unparalleled relaxation and health benefits in the convenience of a massage chair that you can have in your own home.

You could use your massage chair specifically for a massage session without any outside disturbances, or you could combine activities like watching TV or reading a book while you enjoy your chair. The only danger present while combining such activities? You might just fall asleep from the deepened state of relaxation that you will be in!

There are numerous health benefits related to the use of massage chairs in general, but the zero gravity massage chair holds some benefits that are unique to it’s space aged design and technology.

1. Heightened Relaxation

When you combine all the added benefits of using a zero gravity massage chair, you will most definitely reach a heightened state of relaxation that fails to compare to any other massage chair experience. The overall decrease in pressure that is placed on every single part of your body, including your internal organs, while in the reclining position is an unprecedented soothing experience.

2. Elevated Circulation

While in the reclining position, you body will most definitely experience elevated levels of blood flow or circulation. Your lungs will also be able to expand to a fuller position, because of the open angle created between the torso and thighs. This lung expansion allows for an increased amount of oxygen from the air to reach your lungs which in turn results in deeper, more soothing breaths.

Your lungs are not the only internal organs that will benefit from the zero gravity massage chair. When you stand, your heart must work against gravity to pump blood to and from itself; however, if you are in a zero gravity recline position blood can flow into the heart with the aid of gravity. Not having to work against gravity puts much less strain and pressure on your heart. Also, the elevation of the legs above the heart has the potential for such benefits as preventing the formation of varicose veins. Elevated legs also help to reduce swelling as a result of increased circulation.

3. Total and Complete relaxation of the Neck and Spine

When there is an even distribution of pressure along your neck and spine, meaning there isn’t one specific point along the spinal curve that is receiving all the pressure, you are considered to be in the ‘neutral position’. The zero gravity massage chair allows you to easily achieve this position!

In the neutral position, gravitational forces do not affect your neck and back and are therefore free from all muscle tension and pain! This massage chair is also a great product for professionals who have to be in a seated position for long periods of time. While in an extended seated position, your spine will revert to an unnatural C position. This chair will help to elongate the spine, relieve tension or pressure, and return it to it’s natural position.

4. Reduce Mental Stresses

With all the physical health benefits that abound from using a massage chair with the zero gravity technology, there will most certainly be some mental health benefits. Often, the added pressure of physical aches and pains can only exacerbate mental stress. When you are in the zero gravity position while experiencing a thorough massage, your mental stresses will likely melt away – at least for that moment in time! You will walk away from your massage session feeling physically and mentally re-energized and ready to take on whatever the day may hold!

These are just some of the main benefits you would receive from using a zero gravity massage chair. A massage chair, on its own, is a fantastic way to relax and relieve some tension and stress. However, when you add the zero gravity technology to a massage chair, the expanse and intensity of the benefits immediately expand! The addition of the zero gravity technology to a massage chair will most likely only increase its value, which may be a turn off. However, you should definitely weigh all the benefits before you decide to forgo the zero gravity experience. Having such a chair in your own home would be a convenient way to unwind at the end of a hectic day. Or, you could use your chair as a way to ready your body and mind before the day even begins.