Best Back Massager Chairs

With the invention of the massage chair, more and more people are able to have direct access to regular massage sessions at a much more affordable rate than going to a masseuse in a spa or an in-home service. While the entire body can benefit from the effects of a thorough massage, the back is the number one area that people seek out massage therapy for.

A back massage chair is the number one searched typed of massage chair, and the desire for a back massage is typically the main reason that people decide to invest in a massage chair.

The back has so many hard-working muscles and ligaments that are constantly working together so that you can perform from the simplest to the most complex ranges of motion throughout the day. Because the back muscles and ligaments are constantly working, it is super common for an individual to experience pain and strain in their back. Most people, no matter how young, old, fit, or not fit, have experienced some kind of back pain.

Therefore, it is not a far stretch to imagine the high demand for back massage therapy, and consequently the increasing demand for the back massage chair!

If you are considering investing in a massage chair in order to relieve pain and stress in your back, you won’t have to look far to find multiple versions of massage chairs all of which typically have specific pre-programmed functions that will target the back muscles. So, if almost every type of massage chair targets the back, what exactly should you consider before choosing a specific chair? Your main concern should be the type of massage you want to experience.

The Shiatsu massage technique is fairly common in the back massage chair world. This type of massage is the Japanese version of the Chinese acupuncture technique. A massage chair with the Shiatsu massage technique emulates the intense and precise finger work that you would experience during a traditional Shiatsu massage.

The power rollers in the massage chair work together to give you the sensation of a masseuse’ fingers gently and firmly kneading your back in order to relax muscle stress, reduce fatigue, and rejuvenate your mind and body. The defining characteristic of a Shiatsu massage is that it is designed to release tension in specific locations of the body in order to reduce stress and pressure to get your vital energy (“chi”) flowing freely.

Another common type of massage is the Swedish or Relaxation Massage. This type of massage offers gentle to light pressure. It would be a great way to relieve the minor back pain experienced by most people. If you put major strain on your back on a daily basis, then this type of massage may not completely relieve your pain.

The Swedish massage is a fantastic technique for individuals who may sit at a desk all day or retail workers who are required to stand for long periods of time. Both sitting and standing for long periods of time put different types of strain and unnatural pressure on your back.

Some of the major health benefits associated with the use of a back massage chair include:

1. Improved Sleep

A back massage releases the tension in the large muscles found in your back. When your muscles are tense and in pain it is harder to fall asleep at night. If you are able to fully relax your back muscles then you should be able to fall asleep quickly and experience full sleep cycles, which will lead to you feeling better rested and rejuvenated when you wake up in the morning!

2. Promotes the Healing Process

Even if you are a long time sufferer of back pain, a back massage can help relieve and promote the continual healing of your back ailments. This chair can aid in the healing of weak, tight, or atrophied muscles and tissues. This continual healing should lead to a better range of motion along with the possible reduction of stretch marks and scars.

3. Increased Circulation

As with any type of massage, a back massage will help to increase blood flow along your back. An increase in circulation helps to get oxygen rich blood to the tissue in your extremities which is vital in order to promote cell growth and function.

4. It Just Feels Good

Even if you have no major medical concerns like relieving major back muscle strain, or the need for better blood flow in order to promote healing and cell growth, the back massage chair will make you feel good. Anyone can benefit from the basic relaxation and soothing effects that a back massage has on the entire body. A proper back massage will leave you feeling energized and capable of taking on whatever the day may hold. Or, it can help to wind you down after a long and tense day.

All of these health benefits are not exclusive to the use of a back massage chair in comparison to a back massage session with a masseuse, but the convenience and affordability of a having a massage chair in your own home or office is an unmatched perk. Massage chairs can be found at most major retailers including several online vendors. It is important to do your research, especially if you want to specifically target the back region.

You should make sure you choose carefully the type of massage you want. The range of prices for the typical massage chair starts from $300 and goes up to $5,000 depending on the brand of the chair. There are also many massage pads that you can use to transform any regular recliner or chair into a back massage chair. This is generally a less expensive option, but you may not get as extensive and intense massage as you would from a chair with the massage capability built into it.

Massage pads often use more of a vibration technique versus the use of motors that power rollers and airbags found in a full sized massage chair. As long as you read plenty of reviews and make sure that the massage chair you choose has a warranty or some type of insurance plan, you should be protected from any unforeseen potential disruptions in the functionality of your chair. Overall, consider all the options available along with all your back pain/stress relief needs, and take the leap to invest in a massage chair so that you can continually enjoy the benefits of a great back massage!

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