The Ijoy Massage Chair: 2580

The iJoy 2580 is a mid-range massage chair produced by massage chair manufacturer Human Touch.human touch ijoy 2580It uses four different massaging actions to create a highly realistic massage experience, much like having a masseur working personally on your body.In this iJoy-2580 review we’re going to dive deeper into the factors that make this such a popular massage chair and help you make an informed decision about whether this is the ideal massage chair for your needs.

Features of the iJoy 2580 Massage Chair

While it has been said that the iJoy 2580 omits some of the “top-level” features seen in premium massage chairs, the 2580 is still a very impressive piece of kit, capable of providing a truly memorable massage experience.

4 Types of Massage

Possibly the most exciting – and beneficial – feature of the iJoy 2580 is its four different built-in massage actions.

Unlike cheaper massage chairs, which typically only use one main type of action (vibration) the iJoy 2580 feels far more like a premium massage chair, and more accurately mimics the hands of a professional masseuse.

The massage actions you can expect with this chair are:

  • Percussion – alternative rapid-tapping along the spine helps to relieve pressure on the spinal column and invigorates the entire back area.
  • Kneading – small, circular kneading motions gently lifts and stretches the back muscles, helping to improve circulation.
  • Rolling – imagine a masseur’s hands gently yet firmly rubbing up and down your back in long, comforting strokes and you’ll have a better idea of how the rolling motion works. This action helps to loosen the back and neck muscles for a true “deep tissue massage” experience.
  • Compression – this action gently smooths the muscles of the back from the central line of the spine out to the shoulders and ribs. This compression action helps to relieve tension caused by sitting at a desk all day or from sport-related injury.

3 Pre-Programmed Massages

The iJoy-2580 also comes with 3 different pre-programmed settings to target certain issues on your back. These settings help take the thinking out of your massage. “Sore Muscle Relief” revitalizes your whole body; “stress therapy” helps ease away kinks and knots in your shoulders; and “back wellness” focuses treatment on the lumbar area. Also, if you want to simply focus on a problem area there is zone control for targeted relief.

Removable Massage Softening Pad

One really unique feature of the iJoy 2580 is the removable massage softening pads. In essenc,e these pads sit within the massage chair itself and help to “dampen” the massaging action of the chair. In essence then by adding or removing the pad,s it is possible to control the intensity and strength of the massage provided.

It is for this reason that the 2580 has won such plaudits; it means that those users who have felt let down by the “weak” massage provided by some other mid-range massage chairs can finally experience the massage their desire. Equally, for those more sensitive individuals, adding the pads makes for a gentler and more relaxing massage experience.

170’ Recline

Like all good massage chairs, the iJoy 2580 reclines to provide a truly immersive and relaxing massage experience. Unlike cheaper chairs, the 2580 not only reclines to a “best of breed” 170’ angle, but this recline is also motorized.

The power recline element is important because it provides a huge degree of control over the angle you sit at, and all with minimal effort. Simply use the attached control pad to recline or incline the chair back to your own requirements and enjoy the feeling of an “almost flat” massage.

Built-In Cup Holder

Such a simple addition – and yet one that is so popular. What could possibly be nicer than sitting down to a massage with your beverage of choice?

There can be few better ways to recover after a long day than with a soothing back rub and a cold drink of your choice. The cup holder helps to make this possible by providing a safe and secure location for your glass.


You could not really have this kind of experience regularly for any one of the following reasons:

1. There is no massage clinic in your community or anywhere near your work.
2. If there ever is one, setting for appointment is virtually impossible to fit with your hectic schedule.
3. The price per session could be prohibitive.
4. Buying over-the-counter medications for body pains is more practical, cheaper and doesn’t intrude much on your schedule and budget.
5. If you are a woman, the prospect of being naked while alone with a stranger in a room or cubicle is a bit upsetting and (however absurd) works against your sense of modesty (you may be surprised to know that some men may feel the same too!)

ADVANTAGES OF HAVING AN iJoy Robotic Massage Chair

Without being dependent on another person for his services, and schedule, an iJoy Robotic Massage Chair affords you the same soothing and pain alleviating massages in the privacy of your home and office, and at your own time. In fact, you can even have that massage everyday as long as you want it.


iJoy Robotic Massage Chairs are equipped with the patented Human Touch® Massage System that replicates the therapeutic massage techniques and procedures used by professional spinal and back care therapists. The iJoy Robotic Massage Chairs (iJoy®-130) detects your spine’s contour to give you that bulls-eyed massage treatment.

Other iJoy 2580 Reviews

The 2580 is an understandably popular massage chair. It sits in the middle of the market; providing an impressive range of massaging actions but without the eye-watering prices of the premium massage chair models.

As a result, this is a very popular massage chair and there are plenty of independent customer reviews online.

Just a Few Complaints

The iJoy-2580 doesn’t come with many complaining customers however when researching this Human Touch iJoy-2580 review some customers told us that the chair was too low to the ground. Some customers that were tall thought that the chair was not large enough for their body. Overall the complaints were minimal as most people report positive reviews for the iJoy-2580.

Review Conclusion

For individuals looking for the best massage around – but unwilling to pay the thousands of dollars that the top-end chairs cost – the 2580 is perhaps the ideal compromise. As a mid-range chair, it offer “grown-up” features but without the high price-tag demanded by some other competing massage chairs.



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