Zero Gravity Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

This massage chair is all in all a great machine with a lot of new and advanced features. This chair is being manufactured by Kahuna Company which has great core customer values and services. It has received commendable reviews from the customers as well as critics and has been listed as one of the best-selling massage chairs.


It has great features like Zero Gravity PositioningShiatsuYoga, L-Track System, Dual Foot Rollers,  Space saving and Heat therapy.

Zero gravity is a negative effect on the gravity and allows the body to spread out all its weight. Thus, relieving stress and allowing more intense massage. The weightlessness adds to the effect of the massage and relieves the body of any kind of pain or stress. You can also incline the body beyond your heart, enabling blood flow all over.

Shiatsu is a Japanese way of massage meaning finger pressure. It uses three parts of the hand for a massage which are fingers, thumbs and palms. It is focused on manipulating joints, stretching muscles and increasing mobility for the body. Kneading and tapping are additional options.

The YOGA mode in the Kahuna massager allows stretching the body, relieving stress and eliminating unwanted toxins from the body.

L Track System is L track roller; it supports the entire body from neck to buttocks. It is the lengthiest available track with positioning specialized for decompressing the spine and increasing the massage experience. Dual Foot Rollers: It has an innovative dual foot roller rather than foot massagers. They perform Acupressure by accessing the pressure points of the feet.


  • The full body massage is one of the best in class of Zero gravity recliners
  • Its L track rollers are highly effective which helps reducing joint and muscle pains.
  • Its overall focus with the neck to buttocks with additional quad rollers is great.
  • It lives up to its promise of Zero Gravity massage
  • High styling and excellent functionality.


  • Assembly Required: The assembly is really a heavy task to do and requires a specialized person and might require a couple of hours to do the same.
  • Incomplete Instruction Manual: Its instruction manual isn’t complete and neglects certain functions of the massager. This means you will have to study a bit on your to understand it better.
  • Foot Massage Roller Strength: These foot massagers are really strong and come with a little option to control it.
  • Slightly Noisy: Though it is highly efficient in its task, it is slightly noisy which is definitely not enjoyable.


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