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Recliner Massage Chair: Enjoy The True Massage Experience


There are a ton of benefits associated with experiencing regular massage sessions. A great way to get the benefits of a massage without the inconvenience of blocking off a particular amount of time, possibly leaving your house, and paying the high price of a personal masseuse is to invest in a recliner massage chair. There are massage chair options that do not offer the reclining feature, but being able to recline adds a whole other level of relaxation and relief during your massage chair experience!

Massage chairs are designed to completely envelop you in wellness, comfort, and luxury. The list of benefits to using a massage chair on a regular basis can almost seem endless. Reclining massage chairs help to increase circulation and relieve common stresses. These massage chairs are often very plush and are able to boast a very strong and intense massage experiences. There is not a person in the world that would not benefit from regular massages. Medical professionals and doctors often sing the praises and healing potential associated with having regular massage sessions.

Before, obtaining a massage on a regular basis may have not seemed like an option for the average person. The invention of the recliner massage chair is a way to to bring the comfort of traditional massage to anyone’s home or work place.

A few of the basic health benefits of using this type of massage chair are:

1. Energy boosts:

These chair will stretch, roll, and loosen your worn-out muscles which will give you the revitalization and relaxation you need in order to recharge your “energy battery” !

2. Reduce muscle pain and tension:

This typically leads to results like better posture and lessens the need for pain killers

3. Reduce emotional stress:

Just like a traditional massage, a massage chair can help to reduce your emotional stress through the intense relaxation of your physical self. Massages help to increase blood flow and lower your lactic acid buildup.

4. Great for spinal stenosis

Sitting in a reclining position is great for some people with spinal stenosis.

5. A true massage experience

Provides a true full body massage experience from head to toe without the burden of depending upon a traditional massage.

Choosing The Right Chair

When you look at all the options available in the various forms of recliner massage chairs, you can easily become overwhelmed. There are several different massage techniques that you can usually choose from such as the Shiatsu technique, deep tissue massage, Sweedish massage, trigger massage, and so on. And there are so many other various options available.

The Zero Gravity chair is one of the newest and most trendy options for a massage chair. Zero Gravity technology was developed and created by NASA. It is intended to give you the feeling that you are weightless during your massage session. This type of chair puts you in a reclining position that allows for even and safe distribution of pressure along your body during the massage. Massaging in this position allows for a much deeper and intense massage.

However, if you do not want a super intense massage, most recliner massage chairs allow you to change the intensity setting. You will be able to get a true full body massage, because almost every pressure point can be reached while you recline. Some of these chairs also come with the option for a full body scan that can detect the size and height of your body so that you experience the most effective massage. There are a lot of massage chair options that now have the Zero Gravity technology built in along with many of the other typical massage chair techniques.

Some other common options that come with most recliner massage chairs are:

1. Heat settings

Having the option to increase or decrease the heat during your massage will help to relax and comfort your sore muscles or relieve any aches and pains you may have.

2. Adjustable intensity levels

It is important that you be able to customize your massage experience, even when you are using a massage chair! Sometimes you may want a very intense massage that emulates a deep tissue technique. Other times you may only want a light massage to help de-stress and relax after a long day.

3. Leg/Foot Massage:

Not all massage chairs have the option to completely envelope and focus on your lower legs and feet. This would be an important option to consider for someone who spends a lot of time on their feet.

4. Alternate settings for younger users:

Younger people do not need the same type of massage experience as an older person. If you have young children or young adults in your household you may want to make sure that your recliner massage chair has the option to accommodate their specific massage needs.

5. Remote control:

Most massage chairs allow you to change the numerous setting through the simple use a remote control.
There really is no way to put a price tag on the perpetuation of good health and continual relaxation. We all work hard to make sure that we are able to live the life we want to live. Why not reward yourself with a massage chair that gives you the benefits of a regular massage and has the option to recline, which will only elevate your massage experience! For so many people, massage is a necessary part of their life. These individuals need massages to help relieve disease related pain, recover from workouts, or to simply provide relaxation from their intense work life.

Using a traditional masseuse is extremely expensive in the long run. Investing in a quality massage chair is a very economic way to ensure that you are able to experience regular massages without incurring a huge debt while doing so! Having a massage chair will also save you the time of booking an appointment for a massage which will most likely require you to leave your home or be unavailable for your loved ones.

Using a massage chair in your own home is so convenient. If you are a mom who still needs to be able to keep an eye on her children during the massage, you can easily do that while using a massage chair. If you are a busy professional who may need to send a few emails or read a few reports during the downtime of your massage – you can do so effortlessly while using a massage chair! The benefits and multiple options associated with the massage chair are undeniable.

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