Types of Shiatsu Massage Chairs

Types of Shiatsu Massage Chairs

The stretching massage is achieved in a Shiatsu type massage chair, as massage pads roll up and down the spine. This aids in stimulating spinal nerve roots, thus reducing back and neck pain. The Shiatsu type massage chair usually contains between two and four rollers and is effective in relieving headaches, chronic back pain, and calf pain.

The Shiatsu type message chair also achieves a kneading massage, as it simulates the thumb and fingers kneading your sore or stiff muscles. In the Shiatsu type message chair, pressure is applied to an area or choice, held there tightly for a few seconds, and then quickly released. The kneading feature was added to designs with thoughts of aiding in relief of soreness and eliminating points of tension, especially in the neck and back.

The last option that the Shiatsu type massage chair offers is the tapping massage. The Shiatsu type message chair simulates the rapid tapping of hands on muscles in problem areas. The tapping motion temporarily increases blood circulation; it reduces muscle stiffness, and promotes the flow of oxygen.

Before purchasing a Shiatsu type massage chair, there are a few other things to consider. You may want to consider the chair adjustments, the length of the track, and whether it has a heat feature.

Learning what adjustments are available the Shiatsu type massage chair is beneficial. While some Shiatsu type massage chairs are made to fit the average body frame, some of them have the ability to adjust, to fit larger body frames. The Shiatsu type massage chair may also have the ability to adjust the massage unit to specific problem areas on the back and neck. The newer models of Shiatsu type massage chairs will offer a combination of message techniques together, such as stretching and kneading at the same time.

Learning the track length on a Shiatsu type massage chair can help better fit your massage needs. The massage mechanism in the Shiatsu type massage chair is mounted to a track that moves up and down the back and neck. The average length of the track is 24 inches. There are massage chairs available that are 32 inches, and will reach from the top of the neck to the tailbone.

Lastly, the Shiatsu type massage chair sometimes comes with a heat feature. Heat has been proven to open skin pores and relax muscles. Having a heat feature on your Shiatsu type massage chair would also be a healthy way to release toxins and increase blood circulation.

Types of Vibration Massage Chairs

The first random type vibration massage chairs, which was first sold in 1986, contained one or more vibrating motors on the inside, that created a vibrating sensation all around the chairs occupant. These massage chairs were designed to be beneficial to the circulation and general physical health of their users, and have been proven to have some medical benefits. This type of massage chair can still be bought today, but they did not continue to make a big hit after more improved designs were created.

There is little doubt that there are some proven health benefits with a random vibration massage chair, but the rough vibrations produced by the motors proved to be unpleasant to some, and could be a painful experience for the massage chairs occupant.

The second type of vibration massage chairs to consider are pulsed vibration type, which were produced with six to eight motors, to provide the real massage effect. Less motors were not be able to provide the full body massage, like this model, and more motors could cause the pulse effect to become an ineffective massage technique.

The last type of vibration massage chair to consider, for purchase are the programmed vibration types. With computers and digital technology knowledge growing vast, this type of massage chair was designed like the pulsed vibration type, with six to eight motors, but the main difference being that the motors in the programmed vibration type massage chair were controlled individually by computer developed software. This made it possible to control the exact intensity, speed, and length of pulses from each and every individual motor. This design was created to benefit with relaxation and to help maintain good physical and psychological health.

Trying Different Chairs

Since a new massage chair can be quite an expensive purchase you should give serious consideration to the chair you will be purchasing. We recommend taking them for a test drive before you buy.

Yes, you should test drive a massage chair before you purchase one. Just like you would test drive a car before you purchase it, you need to test drive massage chairs. Most people test drive three or four cars before deciding which one to purchase, even if they like the first one they drive. It’s all about perception. Test drive at least three or four chairs before you decide to buy one. Do not fall victim to an impulse buy, just because the first one you try you really like. There are other important things to find out about each massage chair before you purchase one.

The key to owning a massage chair is knowing thyself. Know what you need in a massage chair and what you want and need it to do for you. Then research all the different types and styles of massage chairs to find the one that is suitable for you. Just as you would test drive a car before you decide on which one to purchase, you should test drive your massage chair. Try out several different ones to see which one is most comfortable and suits your needs best.

Remember the most important lesson of all: Test drive at least three or four chairs before deciding to purchase one. If you put the effort into purchasing a quality massage chair that will meet your needs, your stress and aches and pains will melt away daily, and the work will have been well worth the effort.

Models & Prices of Massage Chairs

Massage chairs come in a variety of configurations and price ranges. Depending on the kind of massage chair you prefer, you can have your aches and pains tapped, kneaded, rolled, stroked and squeezed away. Basic massage chairs provide manipulation of the muscles along the length of the back. More advanced models recline, and offer magnetic, vibration and heat treatment as well as foot, leg, hand and arm massage. For a truly decadent experience, you can purchase massage chairs with built in speakers and music player connections. The best news is that since increasing in popularity and quality since the mid-1990s, the costs of massage chairs have dropped, making them an affordable option for almost anyone.

When looking to purchase a massage chair, be sure to make note of the different massage options that are available. Most massage chairs have a number of pre-programmed routines that can be operate at different intensities and that focus on different areas of the body, such as back, shoulders, and neck, or feet and legs. Varying degrees of pressure allow the chair to apply light massage or more intensive deep tissue massage.

The Best Places to Find Massage Chairs

If you’re looking for a massage chair for your home, you may not know where to look, or think you can only find massage chairs in a medical catalog, you’d be surprised at the resources for massage chairs that are available now.

When you’re searching for a massage chair, it’s a good idea to follow a few guidelines to make sure that you’re getting the most for your money. When it comes to most products, the more expensive the product, the better the quality, but this is not always the case with massage chairs. You can find an affordable massage chair for your home or office from a number of retailers—if you know where to look. Most massage chairs can cost anywhere between $800 and $2000, so it’s definitely possible to find a massage chair that you’ll be able to afford without feeling as though you’re not getting a quality product. If you’ve been used to getting massages at spas or message therapy centers, you may want to check out the brands that are available in these places, then look for them online to compare prices.

First, decide the strength of the massage you want from your new chair. You’ll also want to make sure that the intensity is adjustable. If you want an intense massage, a chair that uses a quad roller system is best, since it will produce strong movements and one motor is required for up to four functions. A massage chair with two larger rollers will produce slower, gentler massage. You should also check to make sure that your massage chair has additional and adjustable padding, so that you can add or take away padding each time you get a massage.

It may also be a good idea to look for a massage chair that targets a certain part of the body. Most people purchase massage chairs to help with back pain, but you can also purchase massage chairs that will relieve pain in the shoulders, arms, and legs. If you know that other members of your family will also be using the massage chair, buying a chair that will treat different body parts is best.

If you’re looking for a massage chair with accessories, or want to keep your massage chair in a common area of the home, like the living room and the den, searching for a massage chair that is fashionable in appearance is ideal. Some massage chairs come with a leg rest that is either connected to the chair or comes as a separate piece. The material of your massage chair should be selected carefully as well. Keep in mind that your massage chair doesn’t have to look ‘medical’; there are plenty of massage chairs that come in leather and/or suede with polished wood accents, so you can definitely find a chair that will match the décor and style of the room you want to put it in.

If you think you’ve decided on a massage chair, be sure to get a warranty on the chair before your purchase. Make sure that if you’re ordering online that the company’s warranty is posted on the website. In most cases, a company won’t let you see a warranty until you actually buy the chair, so any company that will let you view the document beforehand usually has a good product.

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